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A Blurb

All about me – what do you want to know? I’m a 30-something gal who packed up and moved to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada in 2003, and I’m having the time of my life, despite all my trials and tribulations. I like to blog about all sorts of stuff, basically whatever strikes my fancy. You may find me boring, or maybe not. Just keep reading. I promise there will be a gem in there once in awhile.

A Bit More

I was born during the last days of the Nixon Administration. I didn’t know anything about that at the time. I was just a painfully shy redheaded kid who hated the attention my red hair brought me. When I was 506 days old, my parents told me there was another kid that I would have to live with – my sister. Growing up, many people wondered how we could have come from the same DNA, since I was an organized pleaser and she was a slobby rebel.

Getting through my school years in a suburb on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line was difficult, since I had red hair, buck teeth, and an awful, ill-fitting senior citizen center thrift store wardrobe. Things wouldn’t start to improve for me until I hit adulthood and started surrounding myself with more mature people. I guess I never really felt comfortable as a kid, because by my mid-20′s, I felt like I was finally growing into myself.

I did always have one fantasy, and that was to move somewhere far away. In school, I was jealous of the new kid who moved from somewhere else. I wanted to be that kid. It happened somewhat in high school, when I moved into my mom’s house a few towns away. But it wasn’t far enough. In my early 20s I started thinking about going, but I couldn’t figure out where to go or what I was going to. That was a big thing – I wanted to go to something, and at that time all I could think of was that I was going away from everything. So I stayed put, but the feelings came back. When something that big permeates your thoughts for so long, it doesn’t go away no matter how hard you try. So in 2003, I moved to Las Vegas. This time, I was going to myself. I still had so much growing to do, so much self-discovery, and I had hit a brick wall where I was. I felt like I was being held back by so many things, including everyone’s expectations of me.

It worked. The first time I saw my family, after being in Vegas for a year, everyone commented on how happy I seemed, how much more relaxed I was, and how I seemed so much more comfortable in my own skin. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had some ups and downs, and being here alone makes the downs more difficult to deal with, but it’s been worth it.

Now I’m living here in Vegas with a most wonderful man who became my husband in June 2008. There’s just not enough good I can say to describe him, so read my blog for those times when I have enough coherency to actually tell you how great he is.


A Blog

I’ve always had a journal, for as long as I can remember, but in 2005 I started reconnecting with a high school friend when she put her blog address out in an email to allow everyone to keep up with her pregnancy. Reading her blog was pretty cool, and I did a bit of looking into it before finally starting my own blog in March 2006. I quickly got addicted and have been at it ever since.

I mostly blog about myself – my life, interests, and thoughts, but I also love blogging so much that I also started a series of tips for personal bloggers, since it’s such an underserved niche in the “blog about blogging” world. I hope that you enjoy my blog and personal blogging tips.

In addition to blogging, I’ve been dipping my toes into the crafting world, and now have an Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy my handmade goods!

To see more of me on the internet, you can find me being social on Twitter and Facebook. I post little bits and pieces of cool stuff I come across on Tumblr and Pinterest, photos I take on flickr, and books I read on Goodreads. I’m active on message forums at DigsMagazine and AltDotLife. I’ve also done guest posts on Top Ten Blog Tips (now defunct), The World of Stuff, and had some of my posts republished (with my permission) on AltDotLife.


  1. Jennifer M. says:

    I can’t believe I read this whole thing! Lol. I never realized you moved cross-country by yourself. Very brave! I’ve been dreaming of doing the same thing actually. Most of my family thinks I’m nuts, but I think my mom actually sounded a little jealous. It just seems like such a fun adventure! And who knows, maybe I’ll meet my Mr. Right out there somewhere too. ;) PS: Love your blog look – it’s changed since I was here last. I like it!

    • If you get the chance to move somewhere different than where you’re from, I highly recommend it, even if it’s only a few states away. It’s just one of those things that, even if it doesn’t work out, will be a fun life experience!