Blog Goals

Every now and again, it’s good to go through and reevaluate your blog, what you’d like to do with it, and how to get there. I’ve been thinking about this for my blog for the past, oh, year or so. And I’m just now getting a list going of things I’d like to accomplish here. Ideally, I’d like to get these all done by the end of the year. Let’s hope that I can stick to that.

Some of these I’ve already accomplished, but I’m putting them on this list so it will all make more sense, and so I can see some progress as well. Some are maintenance/organization goals rather and some have to do with rebuilding to a satisfying yet manageable level.

  • Clean up category list to a more manageable size
  • Make sure all posts fit into a new category and reassign “uncategorized” posts
  • Delete posts that are now irrelevant
  • Rewrite About page
  • Clean up broken links
  • Stick to a regular posting schedule for 6 months
  • Come up with social media buttons that I really like
  • Find more blogs to swap ads with

There are also some things I’d like to do that aren’t on my blog but will ultimately affect my blog, since a lot of it has to do with things I’d like to eventually blog about:

  • Clean up my browser bookmarks
  • Clean out Twitter favorites (items marked to go back to later)
  • Clean out email (more things to refer back to later)
  • Clean up my feed reader – subscriptions and starred items

I’ll update in a few weeks so we can all see how this is going.

Do you have any blog goals? Have you blogged about it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hera (1 comments.) says:

    Most items on the list seem necessary, but is it really necessary to “delete irrelevant articles”? In the past I’ve wanted to delete posts from my blog, but I haven’t, becuase they are all part of my history.

    • I’ve been blogging since 2006 and have over 800 posts now. There are some posts that are nothing more than filler, some that don’t make sense any more since there are a lot of broken links, and others that need a bit of updating. I did think long and hard about this, and I do feel that my blog is a part of my history, but it’s also not necessary for me to every every last little thought I’ve ever had here on my blog.