A Bigger Bed

Ever since we got Greta, Mister and I have been complaining that our bed is too small. She’s a small dog, but she sure takes up a lot of space!

Part of the issue is that she is so small. Neither Mister nor myself are small humans, and with a little dog sharing our space, we were afraid to roll over for fear of breaking her. The other part of it is that Greta somehow seems to morph into a giant dog when she’s sleeping. Have you ever tried reclaiming some of the covers from under a tiny sleeping dog? It’s not one of my successes in life, that’s for sure.

For over a year, we put off buying a bigger bed since we knew we’d be moving in the foreseeable future. When we did move, into our tiny trailer, the bedroom barely had room for a queen sized bed, so getting a king in there just wasn’t going to happen.

Then we got the new place. The master bedroom in this house is bigger than our bedroom in the Las Vegas house was, so it comfortably fits a king sized bed. So we bought one.

Don’t mind the unmade bed.

That extra sixteen inches of space makes a world of difference!

Mister and I felt like we were miles away from each other, and at first, we were. We were so used to sleeping on the edges of the bed so as not to squish the dog that for the first few nights, we slept on the edges. Greta kinda loved all the extra space, and spread out sideways to take advantage of it.

Eventually, she started curling up between our pillows, and Mister and I stopped hovering on the edges of the bed. After a fair amount of time with the new bed, we both feel like we’re sleeping in the middle of the bed, but we’re not getting into turf wars with each other.

I never want to sleep in a smaller bed again.

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