Young House Love – A Book Review


One of my very favorite home improvement blogs out there is Young House Love. Not only is a fun read, with John and Sherry having an easy conversational style, but their home improvement ideas range from easy, like spray painting a picture frame, to WOW, like their amazing DIY kitchen remodel.

My favorite DIY dorks (if you read their blog, you know that they’ll probably love being called that) have spent the last couple of years working on a book. Sure, you might say, lots of bloggers have books. But this one is special.

How special, you ask?

Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love is not just a regurgitation of their blog content. In fact, they were adamant about not including anything in the book that has already been on their blog. So now we have 243 BRAND SPANKING NEW ideas that we try out to spiff up our homes. Not only do they give you all these wonderful ideas, they also break down the how-to in easy steps and give you estimates on cost and how much work and time goes into each project.

My head is spinning with all the ideas and things I want to try. And it would appear from the picture above that Greta wants to see more of Burger, John & Sherry’s adorable Chihuahua, who makes a few appearances in the book.

If you love creative home decor and DIY solutions, no matter what your style, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book. Your house will thank you.

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