Craft Room Inspiration

Ok, folks – here’s where I give you all the inspiration for what I want to do with my craft room.

Source: via KirstenL4W on Pinterest

So, the first picture is pretty much what sealed the deal for me. It has pretty much everything I want – aqua walls, white furniture, and all the right accent colors.

The second picture is neat, organized, feminine without being too sweet, and already features my K everywhere. Love this!

Third picture, again with aqua walls and white furniture. The accent colors aren’t as obvious, but this is probably a more realistic look of what my room will look like when it’s done.

I love the Peacock Girl print by my friend Eve, and I had to have it. Now that I have a room of my own to put it in, I had to buy it.

And the final picture, the initial wall. I have the perfect spot to put a K wall, and I intend on putting it to good use.

I thought a LOT about what color to paint the walls. There was a part of me that’s always wanted aqua walls, so I was determined to do that. But then I thought about it and thought that with all the crafting and such that I want to do, having an actual color on the walls might interfere with any colors that I want to work with. I was also wary on overdosing on the aqua (Shut up! It could totally happen.) So I considered pale gray and a darker off-white, just to contrast with the white furniture. I also considered pure white, but the slightly different whites in my furniture dictated that I not do that.

Ultimately, though, I went with my first love. I figured that if I’ve wanted it for this long, then I may as well go for it. The winner? Sherwin Williams Retiring Blue. It’s a nice pale aqua, and I plan on getting a quart of Maxi Teal, the darkest color on that strip, to use for accents. I have a nightstand I want to repaint and use for storage, and I bought a blank wood desk tray that will also be teal.

As far as the aqua overdose, I plan on tempering that by using accent colors like purple, lime green, and bright pink. Yes, you heard me right. I said pink.

I’m currently on the hunt for some fabric to use for curtains, since I’m not having much luck finding pre-made curtain panels. I’d like something that incorporates all the colors I want to use, and preferably with a pure white background. I’m leaning towards big, bold patterns, probably a modern floral. The only thing I’ve found so far that I would really consider, but is currently out of stock, is this Amy Butler fabric. It doesn’t have an option with those colors and a white background, so I’m still searching. I might end up going for pure white panels if I can’t find anything I like, which would give me something without the feeling that I need to settle on something.

So what do you think? Is it me or what?

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  1. Curtains…..have you scoured the Country Curtains catalog? Perhaps you could take a trip up to Newington. They also have free fabric swatches there as well as thru the catalog. There’s not much around here for curtains but here in Hillsboro there is a fabric store that you might want to check out.

    • I looked there, online and at their Beverly store, but I didn’t see anything that fits in with the look I’m going for.