Weathering the Storm


So we had a hurricane blow through here the other day.

I stayed home while Mister went to work. I took Greta out in the morning, taking her in the backyard to shelter her a bit from the wind. She was fine for her morning break.

I tried taking her out in the early afternoon, as the wind was picking up, and she was having none of it. It took some doing to get her off the porch and into the backyard. She looked like she was doing fine until a big gust of wind came along, and she started looking to run. She was going in all directions until I picked her up and carried her in. Even then, when we got around to the front of the house and got hit with the full force of the wind, she wanted to scramble out of my arms to run away from the big scary wind. But I got her in the house, and determined that she could go potty anywhere inside without getting in trouble.

She was good, though. She held it all day. I finally got her to go outside when the wind started subsiding around 10 that evening. She did her business and ran for the door to go back in. She got treats and a bunch of praise for being such a good puppygirl all day!

There was some damage around here, but being a bit inland, we didn’t get it as bad as NY and NJ did. Damage up this way was mostly limited to large branches and some trees falling, taking power lines with them.

My new house survived just fine. The garage, on the other hand, lost a few shingles. Just a few.



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