A Room of My Own

Ok, now that we’re moved into our new house, I need to give a house tour. And I will, but not now.

I want to talk about my craft room slash office. Or office slash craft room. Or as I like to call it, MY room.

When planning how to use the space in this house, we discussed the two extra bedrooms we have and how we wanted to use them. We decided that we didn’t see the sense of having a dedicated guest room when we really don’t have guests all that often, which meant that the guest room turned into a bit of a dumping ground for most of the time.

We also discussed our home office situation. In our house in Las Vegas, we shared a home office, and it became apparent that it didn’t fulfill our needs as well as we had hoped.

First, there was the size of the room – just 10×11. It’s a fine size on its own, but when you try to cram two desks in there, it gets crowded pretty fast.

Then there were the desks. Mister insisted on glass desks, since the clear glass desktop would help open up the room. We selected sleek desks with large surfaces, but they lacked a fundamental component: storage. Remember this? Yeah, that’s when my desk was clean. There was just nowhere to store anything, and trying to craft anything was difficult since I had so little space to work with.

Don’t forget that due to the layout of the room, Mister and I always had our backs to each other. It was kind of annoying when we were trying to spend time with each other. Before we even left Las Vegas, we decided that something like this desk inspired by Young House Love.

When we moved into our cozy little trailer, we tried a form of the long double desk at YHL. We whipped one up with some stock lumber and a $20 solid core lauan door. Long story short, I hated it. It still had no storage, plus I felt crowded out by Mister’s giant gaming monitors. There was paper creep – seems like every time I sat down the paper pile would get closer and closer to my keyboard, and I had to keep moving it back so that I’d have a little breathing room or get to the leftmost keys on my keyboard.

Then the noise. Mister’s a gamer, so there’s game noise, guild talk noise, and he likes having music on. It’s way too much for me to process, and I couldn’t concentrate. Not happy. And of course, no crafting room whatsoever. This idea, while great in theory, would not work for two people who have two completely different ideas on what we wanted out of an office. It was time to forget trying to compromise.

We decided that we’d each have our own office.

This means that I have a quiet room. I have plenty of storage for my crafty crap. I have plenty of room to work on my crafty crap. And I can paint it whatever color I want. Don’t think I won’t.

Now that I’ve built up a whole bunch of anticipation for you, here’s what I’ve got so far for my room. White furniture (Mister is allergic to all things light and bright) from IKEA (Mister threatened divorce when I dragged him in there).

A pretty desk for the computer and business side of the room. This desk has storage space!

A storage tower hidden in the closet for craft crap storage. I also have a small Billy bookcase that will go in beside it for even more storage.

A craft table! With more storage space!

I got two of these, one for each side of the window. They are next to each of the desks.

Stay tuned for my next post, in which I show you inspiration on how I want to decorate my room.

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  1. I love your craft table! Is that Ikea too? I would love to have a setup where I could leave my sewing machine set up.

    • Yes, all the furniture is IKEA! VIKA AMON 59″ tabletop in white, one VIKA ALEX drawer unit, and two VIKA ADILS legs. My plan with the craft table is that I can leave projects out and not have to move them or put stuff away to be able to use the computer, and frequently used supplies can be kept in the storage unit at the desk. And eventually, I want to get a sewing machine and learn how to use it.

  2. Tina (3 comments.) says:

    Dedicated craft space is the best thing ever. I moved my desk into the dinning room to accommodate a table for crafting in our office/sewing room, along with a desk for the sewing machine. It’s a matter of priority.