Trading Spaces

Since we’ve been back in New Hampshire, Mister and I have been living in an investment property my Dad owns. It happened to be available at the time we were getting back here, and we happened to need a place to live, so we struck up an agreement.

“Dad, can we live in the trailer while we get settled?”


So Mister and I moved into a single wide mobile home with our beloved dog, Greta, and a few of our belongings. Not all our belongings. They wouldn’t fit, so they’re in the garage.

At first, Mister thought we would buy an old Victorian style home and fix it up. During our home search, he realized that any of those homes that are near anything at all are usually on the busiest street in town, near the busiest intersection, and have been converted to either offices or apartments. And even though real estate is pretty cheap compared to his hometown of Utopiaville, those old Victorians still aren’t all that cheap.

We looked around for homes, looked at different areas as Mister got more and more familiar with my old stomping grounds, and ultimately decided that we like this little lot, our neighbors, and the convenient location. Also, we happened to look at the model home at the local manufactured homes store, and fell in love with the floor plan. And just like that, we traded in our cozy little trailer for a ginormous ranch-style manufactured home (Mister refuses to let me call it a double-wide).

I won’t tell you too much about the home we got just yet, but I will tell you that on Friday evening, two big yellow diggers are on my front lawn. By the time you read this, we will have moved into my Dad’s house temporarily and workmen are busy disconnecting our house so they can drive it away. I won’t have my computer during the process, but I do plan on taking pictures and will be doing some posts on the transition.

But first, before pictures.

Our cozy little home

That boardwalk is custom built to avoid tracking mud into the house.

I wasn’t kidding about it being mobile. This thing has tail lights!

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