Aqua Addiction

I’ve been pinning like a madwoman lately, and if you were to look at my Pinterest boards, you’d see an overabundance of aqua. I’ve already declared that aqua is my favorite color, and Mister and I even got into a discussion on a post about turquoise about my love for the color wherein he declared it to be aquatealquoise. It’s been known as that ever since.

aqua + teal + turquoise = aquatealquoise

Did you know you can search for things on Pinterest? I searched aqua, teal, turquoise and a few other terms to find kindred spirits who also have boards dedicated to this wonderful color. I followed them to enable myself to feed the addiction for all things aqua. My favorite, though, has to be this:

I think I shall crown myself the Queen of Aquatealquoise.

When I see something aqua, my first thought is, “Oooh, pretty!” followed by a closer inspection of the item. As I look at it, I can feel the happy growing inside me, then I try to figure out how to incorporate this aquatealquoise item into my life, even if only in my dreams. Do you get this reaction to your favorite color? Or am I the only one?

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  1. You’re definitely not the only one who does it – I do it too! I’m totally in love with purple… to the point I had my car repainted.
    Basically, if it comes in purple, I’ll have it, thank you very much :)
    I absolutely love that crown though!

    • Kirsten says:

      I had an aqua car once, and would have one again if I have that choice when buying a new car. I even have an aqua file cabinet under my desk at home!

  2. Annie (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been doing the same thing! And I never had a big thing for aqua or teal or turquoise, but now, especially after stalking your pinboards ;) I have a new appreciation for the loveliness and may even use a whole lot of it when I redecorate my room. I’m a little scared to know you can search, I never bothered with it, because now my addiction might just be amped up a notch!

  3. Eve (1 comments.) says:

    I love most colors (the more saturated the better), but sometimes the presentation on a piece of furniture or the combinations of colors in a room just hits me in the gut where I feel like I can’t breathe for a few seconds while I take it all in. I loooooove color. ;)

    • Eve, anyone who’s ever seen pics of your house has no doubt that you love color – your house is amazing!

      I still get that feeling too, when I see colors presented in a way that I didn’t think I’d like. It’s amazing the way that it can stop you in your tracks.

  4. Col (1 comments.) says:

    I have a similar reaction every time I see ornate tiaras!:)