And Puppy Makes Three

Meet Greta.

Greta 002

Mister and I adopted her last week.

We had been talking about it for awhile. We both had dogs growing up (I had cats too at my mom’s, but I prefer dogs). We went back and forth on it, but the thing that sealed the deal, so to speak, was my in-laws visiting. They brought their dog, Coco, and Mister saw how much fun I had playing with her in my own home. I always love playing with her when we visit, and having a dog in my house as opposed to visiting at their house was no different.

We found Greta at the Nevada SPCA website. They are a no-kill rescue shelter, and they have lots of dogs (and cats and other animals as well) that need loving homes. We had our eyes on one fella, a 1 year old MinPin, but when we met him he was a bit too energetic for me. Mister probably could have handled it, but to me it would be the canine equivalent of Jeffery and I don’t have the energy for that. Then we found a sweet little girl named Lizzie.

Lizzie was shy 3 year old MinPin, skittish with everyone and everything, and seemed most comfortable in my arms. We went out on the patio with her to get to know her a bit better, and we fell in love and renamed her Greta – it seemed to fit her more. We also found out her history.

She was a puppy mill dog that the SPCA had rescued. She’d had a few litters, but has since been fixed. She was then adopted out, but the woman who adopted her returned her six months later, saying that she barked incessantly and wasn’t bonding. It only took about an hour for Mister and I to call bullshit on the bonding issue, since Greta is reluctant to let us out of her sight. We also found out that her former home had other dogs, and my guess is that Greta, not being very aggressive at all, waited patiently for her turn at some affection and therefore never got any.

If you’re wondering why we went with a shelter, read Gala Darling’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Animal. She basically put into words the reasons we did it.

She gets plenty of affection now, and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

We figured out that she’s never been properly house trained, since the intake papers from the woman who returned her said that Greta slept in the garage at night (very cruel in Las Vegas, since garages aren’t air conditioned), so we’re working on that. I woke up Saturday morning to find out my living room had been shit-bombed, necessitating a trip to the mega-mart to buy a compact carpet steamer. I also bought a crate for Greta, figuring that since she had taken to her doggie bed so well, she was either crate trained or could easily be crate trained. Both mornings she was in her crate, she started howling at 8:30am on the button. We’ll try training pads instead and see how it goes. If she goes on or very near the pads, we might have some progress. In the meantime, she’s not going much, but we aren’t really giving her a chance to go in the house – we’re taking her out every couple of hours.

Greta has been a lot of fun so far. It’s great watching her come out of her shell and become more comfortable. She’s not jumping so high anymore when she’s outside and the air conditioner goes on, and we still need to socialize her with other people, but we’ll get there. Funny, though, as jumpy as she is with all sorts of noises, she’s oblivious to the thunder we’ve had the past few days.

I’m glad we got a dog. She adds another dimension to our lives, and we are enjoying every minute of it. Plus, she’s so cuddly. How can you not love that?

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